This course is designed for students who choose to take the In-person training class. (CAPPA has online courses for those that cannot attend a class. See website www.CAPPA.NET for more information)

For this certification program, which you have 2 years to attain, you must:

  • Be 18 years old.
  • Once you have paid for your CAPPA Doula Training Course you will receive a Study Guide to help you build a background about female anatomy and terminology.
  • Take a Doula Training Course and attend all sessions of at least 18 hrs.($350-up)
  • Read the CAPPA Labor Doula training manual and the required books from the CAPPA required reading list.
  • Become a member of CAPPA (Before joining CAPPA Academy) ($65.00)
  • Purchase CAPPA ACADEMY ($175.00) Ordering, reading and completing all online content, including videos, from Understanding Breastfeeding Book and Understanding Birth Book. Available at the CAPPA shop.
  • Purchase and attend online HUG Your Baby Part 1 ($35.00)
  • Attend a minimum of three labors/births as a doula and obtain evaluations from parents and healthcare  providers. Details/forms are provided within CAPPA Academy.
  • Create a  resource list with information on local support for parents. A guide for creating this list in included within CAPPA Academy.
  • In order for candidates to be eligible for CAPPA Certification they just sign and agree to the following forms: Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy, Grievance Policy, Mission Statement,CAPPA Approach/Philosophy Statement, Vision Statement, and Scope of Practice (For your information, you can see these statements now on CAPPA’s website)
  • Pass the multiple choice exam and essays in CAPPA Academy. An 85% passing grade is required.

Total cost of total certification course runs about $625.00 plus books you may purchase.



CAPPA Academy is the state of the art online portion of your Traditional, Distance or Dual/Transfer Course. You will be personally guided by the Course Director as you complete each element within CAPPA Academy.