HypnoBirthing Practitioner Training

Welcome to the HypnoBirthing Practitioner Training!

The HypnoBirthing Instinctive Birth Course is a 4-day (8 hr days) program divided into two segments. The first 1 1/2 day segment consists of two concurrent offerings of our prerequisites-Introduction to Birth Basics for trained Hypnotherapists or Introduction to Hypnosis for Birthing.
The second half of the program is HypnoBirthing Educator Essentials, consisting of a 2 1/2 day segment. This is the Educator Certification Workshop. You will take an exam and when passed and certified you will be able to start teaching HypnoBirthing classes.

The earliest days Saturday and Sunday will begin at 8:30 and finish about 5:15.The other days will be 9-5.

Requests for refunds will be granted up to two weeks prior to the class start date. No refunds will be given beyond that day. An administrative fee of $75.00 may be deducted from any applicable refund, as well as the cost of any materials received by the student. Reasonable extenuating circumstances of course will be considered.

Special early bird price is $1250.00 till June 1st. Regular price is $1350.00. Payment may be made to Barbara Decker through PayPal.

Please call me at 508-237-6768 with ANY questions! Barb Decker