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Soul of Birthing

Barbara C Decker

Certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator, HBCE, PPNE

EMPOWERING PREGNANCY: Parenting from the Beginning of Life Classes starting!

Classes being held in the online anywhere in the world.

Give your family the best start/preconception through second trimester

 Barbara C. Decker, HBCE,PPNE, CPBF, cCH

Certified Prenatal Bonding Facilitator(BA)

How many of our mothers realize how important their loving impact is on the growth of their babies? How the gestational environment can impact their baby’s brain growth? Is it a toxic womb or a loving womb?  This information is extremely important to future generations of humans.  Therefore, this is the beginning of connection in the womb to a new type of mothering starting before conception or through pregnancy.

This class will give you the tools to have the best pregnancy possible, by realizing the power you have to grow a mentally healthy baby in the womb. Most families do not realize the impact of their own upbringing impacts the way they care for their own children.  We are programmed from our own conceptions! Neuroscience is proving that attachment and safety are starting inside the womb and that relationship carries through all our life experiences.  For those without nurturing experiences, they have the chance to give their babies a better start then they may have had. For those with a good start, you will learn how to face your pregnancy without fear and all will learn tools to improve relationship around them.

Many organizations have flyers, classes, information on effects of drugs, diet, exercise, and prenatal medical care, which is very important information.  However, very few preconception or prenatal programs  teach families the importance of a connecting with their babies in utero or warn them about the detrimental effects of stress hormones on the growing baby.   Recent studies indicate we are bringing our babies into the world unable to attach, calm down, and constantly behave violently. 49% are unplanned.

As I read the books by Dr. David Chamberlain and Dr. Thomas Verny, articles by Dr. William Emerson, I thought to myself, why is this information not in the mainstream?  Through the research of Pre-Perinatal Psychology, the use of ultrasound and Neuroscience, we have the proof that babies in the womb have a knowingness. They have an ability to relate to the outside world from the inside, to look forward to the loving speech from his/her mother or dread the moment his/her mother picks up another cigarette.

We can make healthier choices in maternity care, bonding with our babies in the womb, and healthier pregnancies from this caring environment.  We want to trigger thought among our attendees and open discussions on the importance of this subject. The research is strong and validated, yet this incredible information is not being shared with our parents-to-be till now.  Let the healing begin.

With the violence and attachment issues growing exponentially across the US, we cannot continue denying the reality, paying attention to bonding with our babies in the womb can make a difference in the way we treat each other and the world.  Give your baby the best start no matter what background you had yourself. Join us in this informative program.

We have developed a full 8 hr training program with Dr. Nancy Holm and Roxanne Spring, CNM. This program is meant for preconception or through the second trimester.

Empowering Pregnancy: Parenting from the Beginning of Life. Check out our new website! www.EMPOWERINGPREGNANCY.COM for class dates!          508-237-6768

Advanced training for practitioners, childbirth educators, doulas, with CEU’s available. Email me at

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