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Soul of Birthing

Barbara C Decker

Certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator, HBCE, PPNE

Sleep Talk™ Consultations

 Here is the link for the International Sleep Talk page:

Sleep TalkTM is a method of building self-esteem in children from 18 months to 17 years. The process is explained on your first consultation and give you a chance to understand the benefit of the program. Once a decision is made we take the child’s history and needs and put together a program that should help any child. There are no negatives or adverse reactions, just helping your child feel better about himself/herself. Once parents notice a difference in the child, behavioral issues can be addressed.

It only takes 2 minutes a night, about 30-45 minutes after they have fallen asleep. Consistency is the secret.

Enjoy reading the information page on Joanne Goulding and her research. Very few are aware of this great program. Join us in helping with your child, especially a family having a new baby and the older child may feel like they are being replaced. I’ve done this with many of my Prenatal Bonding (BA) and HypnoBirthing student families.

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