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Soul of Birthing

Barbara C Decker

HBCE, PPNE, CLD, Certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator

What is Prenatal Bonding (BA)?

Springer Handbook- Schroth, Introduction to Prenatal Bonding

Most families are not aware of the need to bond with our babies in utero.  We live in such a success oriented society, that there is little time to enjoy a pregnancy.  We have such violence in our society that many women have to endure challenging relationships. When the mother is depressed or sad, this can impact the baby. When recognized early on, the healing can begin. In over 8,000 case studies, there is less than 2% postpartum depression. (G. Schroth, 2020)

In the susceptible individual, prenatal stress causes a real rewiring of the brain, setting the stage for stress-prone reactions, from heightened irritability to behavior problems throughout life. (Verny  & Weintraub , Pre-Parenting, Nurturing your Child from Conception,2002, pg 43. Simon and Schuster, NY)

Prenatal Bonding(BA) provides an intense bonding between mother and baby, consciously sensing the baby in the womb, recognizing early challenges as well as to have the chance for repair of perceptions.  The method is at the same time an instrument of pre- and perinatal research, an empowerment of bonding between the mother and baby and a great help for giving birth much more easily.  After birth the baby has a remarkable degree of self-esteem and full access to its person potential.  8000 cases have been studied, documented, researched and evaluated since 1995 in Europe with outstanding results for physical as well as emotional maturity of the babies.  It is the most extended general health prevention for a future generation available till now. Gerhard Schroth, M.D. Prenatal Bonding (Bindungsanalyse by Raffai) Fall 2010 updated 2020

The baby in the photo is only 2 days old!

For further information:

This program consists of approximately 20-30 sessions, weekly, starting around the 15th week of pregnancy.  Please call for a free consultation or any information on this program. 508-237-6768

Fee for complete program $1200.00. Some scholarship available.