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Soul of Birthing

Barbara C Decker

Certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator, HBCE, PPNE

Prenatal Bonding (BA) Training Program

3rd International Training Program Training program US Based Cohort Prenatal Bonding (BA) Curriculum

The Experience of Prenatal Bonding (BA)- Allowing a Peaceful Pregnancy and a Joyful Birth

Training is conducted by:

  • Rebecca S. Molitor, LCPC & PB(BA) Facilitator & Trainer, Compassionate Growth Counseling
  • Barbara Decker, HBCE, PPNE, & PB(BA) Facilitator & Co-Trainer

Prenatal Bonding (Bindungs-Analyse by Raffai) opens a window to the womb and helps to create an intense bonding between the parents and their unborn baby. This method is an empowerment for both mother and fetus, a great help for a full-term pregnancy and for giving birth much more joy.

After birth, babies are reported to be easier to nurse, experience a more secure attachment to their parents, have a remarkable degree of self-esteem and have easy access to their personal potential.

Based on extensive research in Psychoanalysis and pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, the Hungarian Psychoanalyst Jeno Raffai, PhD, developed this ground-breaking strategy to support pregnant women from the early beginning of gestation thorough birth. Since 1995, more than 10,000 families in Europe and the United States have been facilitated, researched, and carefully evaluated with outstanding results for the physical and emotional maturity of the babies (Goertz-Schroth, A et al. JOPPPAH 2023). 

 Prenatal Bonding (BA) is an intensive preventative approach providing implications for Future generations in families

All fields associated with pre- and perinatal psychology and medicine professionals are invited to participate such as, infant mental health, clinical and developmental psychology, clinical social work and counselors, early intervention providers psychoanalysis, obstetrics, midwifery, doula, nursing, pediatrics, family medicine.

DATES: A hybrid model of teaching, personal growth experiences and close supervision will span over 18 month beginning in June 2024, and at times in collaboration with the German bases Cohort.

Zoom meetings will generally be on Sundays approximately every 6 weeks and there will be two required in person sessions (September 19-24, 2024, in Gleisweiler, Germany and April 23-27, 2025, in O’Fallon, Illinois, USA), totally 150 training units.

For more information about the Conditions and Contents, please contact

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