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Soul of Birthing

Barbara C Decker

Certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator, HBCE, PPNE

Sleep Talk, The Goulding Process

More to come on this wonderful specialty of helping children find their way in life.

Joane Goulding has been in the field since the 1970’s and developed this process to work with children as they are falling asleep, when the brain waves are in Alpha Theta state and can receive suggestions. Self esteem is built and behavioral issues can be resolved.

Sleep Talk TM The Goulding Method was developed to improve self esteem in children. From 18 months through 18 years, your child can receive positive messages by you after they begin sleeping. About 30-45 after they are asleep brain waves as still slow enough for positive statements suggested to the subconscious. I use this method with my families if they have an older child and are expecting a new baby. It reassures the child that they are not being replaced by the new baby.


This is an opportunity to open the parent’s minds to a new method that only takes 2 minutes a night and may last the child a lifetime.

Reassure your child now!

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