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Soul of Birthing

Barbara C Decker

Certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator, HBCE, PPNE

HypnoBirthing and Prenatal Bonding (BA)

Testimonials Prenatal Bonding(BA) and HypnoBirthing

My daughter was born naturally without any complication and is truly a peaceful being. I’m very appreciative of our sessions and believe that they were life changing allowing me to connect with my baby on a deeper level. N.B.

“I loved the weekly meetings as I had time to just focus on me and my new baby’s bond. It was amazing how connected I felt with my child even early on in pregnancy and how things I felt internally were confirmed later on in midwifery appointments or ultrasounds. My labor was an easy one and my son and I worked together during his birth. I talked with him the whole time and now that he is out of the womb I feel a wonderfully strong bond with him. He is a very mellow, easy baby and I truly believe we work so well together because of this early bonding time. A.E.

Below are testimonials from the outcomes!


I found the classes helped Jenny and I to connect about the birth process and talk through our feelings. It was a great way to check in with each other weekly. I felt more a part of the process because I knew what was happening with the baby and my wife’s body. The classes were instrumental in moving from a pace of high stress and anxiety towards a mindset of anticipation and excitement. We both so much better prepared for the birth and our stay in the hospital than we would have been. We also found it much easier to connect with our daughter when she was born, because we knew exactly what to expect. We learned a lot of cool stuff. B & J.

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